Paul Brown, a controversial morning co-host with The Bear, is relocating to California to pursue another career.

Friday morning, he announced his departure from The Paul Brown Show at Edmonton’s Best Rock 100.3, The Bear, where he worked on air for 13 years.

Brown will stay with the show until the end of December. “It’s like a bucket list…you only live once, life is short. I am going to Hollywood, California to give the entertainment business a try. That’s the honest answer,” said Brown.

The morning host is known for controversial antics including The Really Tough Contest promotion that encouraged people to do “sick and twisted” stunts for a chance to win $50,000.

Paul Brown and Yukon Jack also fought MMA style in the Paul Versus Yukon promotion. Highlights included Brown breaking Jack’s nose as well as Jack giving Brown a black eye and choking him out.

Brown was an active fundraiser with The Bear's Children’s Fund that raised millions of dollars for local charities.

“When you leave a show, you think everybody’s gonna be like ‘Oh my God, now what?' but it seems like they are more excited that I am leaving than staying,” he jokes.

The Paul Brown Show was been and continues to be a one of the top rated morning shows in Edmonton. Co-hosts Yukon Jack and Ryan Maier (Ry My) will host the show for the interim while Gillian Foote continues her maternity leave.

“I think it is time for a change. I am ready for a change. You only live once,” Brown concludes.