EDMONTON -- Over 120 impaired drivers were taken off Alberta roads by RCMP over the long weekend.

RCMP say between May 21 and 24 they removed 121 impaired drivers from provincial roads.

Over the weekend 61 drivers received Immediate Roadside Sanction (IRS) FAILs for driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or greater.

According to police it was the second or third fail for six of the 61 drivers given sanctions.

Out of the remaining drivers, 25 received IRS WARNs because their blood alcohol concentration was between 0.05 and 0.079.

Twenty-three drivers with Graduated Driver Licences (GDL) were issued suspensions and had their cars towed due to having a blood alcohol concentration greater than zero.

RCMP says of all the 911 calls Albertans made to report impaired drivers, nine resulted in the driver being charged.

One call required an ambulance because the driver was having a medical episode and was not impaired, said police.