Lucy the Elephant has dropped 400 pounds after just one month of being placed on a new fitness regime.

Valley Zoo officials said her weight loss is equivalent to the size of an adult black bear. But she isn't done yet. Zookeepers are hoping Lucy can shed a 1,000 pounds overall to help improve her health and ease her symptoms of arthritis.

The zoo is also adding more sand and rubber mats to make it easier for the elephant to walk around the sanctuary.

It's been quite the year for Lucy.

The Valley Zoo has been battling animal rights groups who feel Lucy should be moved to warmer climate.

Animal rights group Zoocheck and PETA said last month that they will drop their case if the City of Edmonton can prove Lucy is too sick to be moved to California. They have given city officials and the zoo until Dec. 14 to come up with the proof.

Initially, the groups issued an ultimatum on Oct. 20, saying city councillors had 30 days to address the situation before they would seek legal action. They say the city is breaching Alberta's Animal Protection Act by allowing Lucy to live "in distress".