EDMONTON -- A cancer diagnosis can be detrimental to your health and also to your finances; that's why the Alberta Cancer Foundation is launching an eight-week campaign to raise funds in support of the Patient Financial Assistance Program (PFAP).

In 2019, the program was accessed nearly 6,000 times by over 1,000 patients, distributing $1.2 million.

The money helps families and individuals pay for expenses like childcare, hotel stays and non-insured medication so they can focus on healing while receiving treatment.

As a social worker with the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Teresa Skarlicki sees the importance of theses funds.

"They need every ounce of their energy just to make it through cancer," she says.

"When you see the tension in their face, in their whole body when they have to deal with the cost on top of dealing with the cancer itself makes all the difference in their ability to move forward."

The Alberta Cancer Foundation hopes to raise $30,000 during this campaign. You can donate on their website.

Feb. 4 is recognized as World Cancer Day. It raises awareness for the disease and celebrates the advancements made in treatment, research and innovation.