A man who lives on the Enoch Cree Nation with dozens of cats and a number of dogs, is asking for help in finding homes for all of the animals.

Dan Lapotac has lived in a makeshift tent on the Enoch Cree Nation for four years – but as of late, he’s been sharing his living space with a growing number of dogs and cats.

“Well, I just started with four cats, and after that it grew,” Lapotac said.

Now, nearly 50 cats call the tent home, as two litters were recently born – alongside eight dogs and puppies.

It’s a living situation Lapotac described as stressful.

“Sometimes when I don’t have any food I make them macaroni so they eat that,” Lapotac said.

Area resident Janice Dodds has been trying to help Lapotac, she’s been facilitating food donations from local animal shelters for the animals, and getting some of them spayed or neutered to keep the population from expanding further.

Dodds said an SPCA officer has assessed the situation, but since the animals have food, water and shelter provided, they have the necessities of life.

“So there was no grounds for the SPCA to actually do anything, because what would they do?” Dodds said. “They’re not being ill-treated; they’re being well looked-after, they’ve got food provided by all the rescues, and there’s love provided by Dan.

“So he’s not really breaking any law.”

All of the animals have ear mites and require other veterinary care, which Dodds said can be easily dealt with.

“They all need worming, they all need flea, and they all need the ear mites done,” Dodds said. “So that doesn’t just have financial difficulty to me, it’s not just a matter of taking the cats to be fixed; it’s now the health of the cats as well.”

Lapotac said he hopes to go back to having just his original four cats and one dog, but hopes the rest will find homes.

Dodds has asked anyone interested in helping with the animals or adopting one of them to contact her directly; she can be reached at 780-920-3317.

With files from Brenna Rose