An Edmonton man who has spent most of his life in wheelchair thought he was going to die Sunday when his wheelchair got stuck in a pothole and tipped over into a puddle of water.

Mike Zuk says he had just left his home for a short time Sunday when his wheelchair got jammed in massive pothole near 142 Street and 109th Avenue.

"That was the most freaky experience I ever had," said Zuk.

Zuk has cerebral palsy and uses a special computer to communicate and was virtually helpless when his wheelchair tipped over into the pothole. His face was less than an inch out of the water.

"My chair was on its side and I couldn't move," said Zuk.

Luckily a nearby resident saw Zuk in distress and rushed to help.

"I could just see the side of the wheelchair because it was lying on its side, as I got closer I realized there was somebody's face in there, but it wasn't moving," said Adam Mohl. "It was horrific to see somebody so helpless."

Mohl helped Zuk out of the pothole and then called 911 as a precaution. He says it was difficult to see just how large the pothole was because it was filled with water.

"When it was filled with water it was just like a big pool…it gave the impression that it wasn't a danger," said Mohl.

The incident has left both Mohl and Zuk frustrated with Edmonton's crumbling roadways.

"This is a pretty serious pothole and they need to figure out a system," said Mohl.

The City of Edmonton declined CTVs request for an interview, but said they were not aware of this pothole. The city plans to have it filled by Monday.

While the situation left Zuk shaken, he's just thankful someone was there to help.

"I was worried that nobody would find me, but I am grateful Adam was there," said Zuk.

With files from Dez Melenka