The man sentenced in an impaired collision that killed three young men near Beaumont is appealing his conviction and sentence.

In August, Jonathan Pratt was sentenced to eight years in jail after being convicted on three counts of manslaughter and impaired driving causing death in the 2011 collision that killed Bradley Arsenault, 18, Kole Novak, 18 and Thaddeus Lake, 22.

According to documents CTV News has obtained the appeal was filed on September 16.

The news came as a shock to Arsenault’s mother, Sheri.

“After the lengthy trial, the long wait for sentencing, I really thought that that part was over,” she said, adding she was heartbroken at first.

“Mr. Pratt was entitled to a trial and he got that. He got a full, fair trial. In this country he is also entitled to an appeal so I guess we will go and see where that takes us. I will be there for all those dates, if it even comes that far.”

Pratt had pleaded not guilty to the charges and showed little emotion when he was sentenced.

Arsenault said she had not been really happy with the sentence, “but I realize that it is precedent setting and that pleases me.”

She has been working to push the federal government to make changes to impaired driving laws through the Families for Justice organization.

“This is not an Alberta problem or a BC problem it is a Canada-wide problem.

“Nothing has really changed in 30 years. It is 2014 and it is time.”

Pratt was also given a lifetime driving prohibition but will be eligible for the Interlock program in five years.

With files from Julia Parrish, Amanda Anderson