A man who fired a shot into the floor of a west-end townhouse killing a man on the floor below, has been sentenced to 12 years for manslaughter.

The shooting happened in October of 2009. It's believed a shot was fired into the floor of a townhouse in the area of 98 Ave. and 180 St.

Police said Edward (Eddy) Wilson, 22, was found seriously injured inside the townhouse. He was rushed to hospital but later died of his injuries.

The court heard that the shooting victim wasn't even involved in the initial dispute.

Jason Seruhungo was convicted of manslaughter in an Edmonton courtroom on Thursday and sentenced to 12 years behind bars.

A fight broke out between the accused and a couple who lived in the townhouse. The court heard Seruhungo had pulled a gun on the couple but it was a man in the basement that took the hit.

A police hunt then began for Seruhung, who eventually turned himself in.

Previous witness testimony described an argument between the accused and Jacqui Wilson, who lived in the townhouse. Wilson testified the argument got heated and admitted to hitting the accused.

"I punched him in the face," she told the court. "He started kicking me and punching me back."

The accused was kicked out, but when he returned, witnesses claim he pulled out a gun and once again an argument broke out.

It lead to a scuffle with Wilson and her boyfriend, admitted drug-dealer Declan Bell.

"As he got more heated he kept pointing the gun at her face", Bell said.

It's alleged the accused fired a shot downwards from a staircase, which went into the floor and his Wilson's cousin, Eddy, who was in the basement.

"We heard screams from the basement," Bell said. "Ed was shot in the head and bleeding."

Seruhungo's lawyer alleged Bell also pulled out a gun during the scuffle.

"I put it to you that Declan had a gun at that point and he was pointing it at Jason," the lawyer told Wilson.

To which Wilson responded: "No."

Bell did admit to having a gun in his pants, but claims he never pulled it out.

"No one knew I had a gun."

Seruhungo's lawyer suggested the accused was bit by a dog, Wilson's pet, during the scuffle. Both Wilson and Bell denied that in court.