EDMONTON -- The Afrodisiac Market took over Numo Alley, bringing together businesses owned and run by black and indigenous people and peoples of colour.

“This was an opportunity to put specialized products in front of the right demographic,” said Milo, one of the organizers and owner of Afrodisiac Natural Store.

The Afrodisiac Market is a sister market to the Black-Owned Market that took place in July.

Fifteen vendors had wares on display Saturday, live music was also playing for patrons to enjoy.

Afrodisiac Market

Milo said she wanted to be able to, “put together a market to support their small businesses with the focus really on the vendors and getting their businesses out there.”

She said her business has been at other markets before, but it was sometimes challenging to sell their products.

“We work with afro-textured hair…what I’ve noticed sometimes is my demographic, the audience (there) might not be the demographic I need for my products because it’s very specialized.”

“This was an opportunity to put specialized products in front of the right demographic.”

Edmonton is known as The Festival City, but COVID has prevented people from coming together in large groups, something Milo hopes the market will help with.

“The chances for the community to connect have been dwindled down a little bit so this is a good opportunity for us to come back together before we all hibernate for the winter.”

Milo said the market will be a recurring event, with another, indoor market, already planned.

“The next one will be in November. We’re hoping to broaden our vendor community and then next year, the summer version, to be even bigger.”