EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Police Service unveiled on Wednesday a roughly half-million-dollar vehicle that is joining its armoured fleet.

The vehicle, called the Cambli Black Wolf, was budgeted and ordered in 2017 as a replacement for its 42-year-old “Grizzly” armoured vehicle.

The Black Wolf will be the service's second armoured rescue vehicle, or ARV, alongside the ballistic armoured tactical transport vehicle, or BATT, purchased in 2013 for $315,000.

"These tools will not only help our members keep themselves safe," explained Supt. Dean Hilton, one of the service's incident commanders who respond to high-risk incidents. 

"Shielding, distance and cover, having an option to keep space and distance from the subject so as not to get so close where the only option they have is a lethal encounter." 

The Black Wolf is considered relatively small, and therefore maneuverable in cities, and can withstand small arms fire.

Officers explained in addition to current technology, the vehicle has added balistic protection in the form of an armoured skirt that extends down and allows cover to police members following beside it. 

According to EPS, the Black Wolf could be called to help patrol, drug or gang teams execute a warrant. The vehicle will allow police to get a line of sight on any suspect thought to have access or using firearms. 

The Grizzly has been used more than 50 times, and BATT about 250 times.

The Black Wolf is expected to last two decades.

On Wednesday, EPS also revealed new remotely piloted aircraft systems, more commonly known as drones, and a new mobile action centre bought for about $370,000. 

The EPS drone catalogue now consists of a variety of types that can be flown in different spaces, and can withstand weather and impact. 

Its former mobile command centre and accompanying technology had been purchased in 1999. The mobile command centre often works in tandem with the mobile command post during missing persons search missions, or during large-scale community events.