The four men who were caught sawing off a dead man's arms and legs in a Jasper Avenue apartment will serve a minimum of 32 months in prison, a judge ruled Thursday.

Kyle Grapentine, Michael Gray, Nicholas Harris and Jason Costouros, all in their 20s, pleaded guilty Thursday to being accessory to murder after the fact and interfering with a dead body.

Costouros and Gray will both face four and a half years in prison for their role in the gruesome crime. Grapentine was sentenced to 32 months while Harris was given four years three months.

Justice Sterling Sanderman called the act a "joint effort," where the men treated the body like a "carcus of a dead animal."

"They were in it for a penny, in it for a pound," he said.

Parents for Grapentine broke down crying while the judge sentenced the son to almost three years in prison.

The sentencing comes after police entered an apartment at 8820 Jasper Ave. on Feb. 21, 2007, to find the four men dismembering a body in the bathtub portion of the suite.

Police were initially led to the apartment after a nieghbour called police to say blood was dripping from his ceiling.

Court documents show police found rubber gloves, green garbage bags, a hacksaw and a butcher knife inside the apartment.

The victim was eventually identified as 23-year-old David Wong. Police said Wong had extensive ties to the drug trade in Edmonton.

No one has been charged with killing him. Police would not say how he died.

Sanderman said he was disgusted with the case and mentioned the dark criminal pasts of three of the men.

"Covering up the crime, that you should be punished," he said. "The gruesome acts after push it up but that is not the key. It's the destruction of evidence."

Gray was convicted of manslaughter in 2002 in the stabbing death of Layton Montpellier outside of a nightclub.

Two other men in the case had criminal records at the time of the incident. Two out of the four men were also on parole when Wong's body was discovered.