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Michael White, convicted of killing pregnant wife, gets full parole


An Edmonton man convicted of killing his pregnant wife and dumping her body in a ditch has been granted full parole.

The Parole Board of Canada granted Michael White full parole in late May.

"Given your assessed low risk, employment stability and your demonstrated abilities to live a law-abiding lifestyle the board does not find that your risk would be undue on an expanded form of conditional release," the board said in a written decision.

"Therefore, full parole is granted."

White was convicted in 2006 of second-degree murder and offering an indignity to a dead body in the death of his wife.

Liana White was four months pregnant with the couple's second child when she was fatally stabbed in July 2005. Her body was found in a ditch a few days later by a search party that included her husband.

The parole board noted that Michael White had disposed of his wife's body and "cleaned up" evidence from his crime. A judge described White's offence as "the most reprehensible and extreme form of domestic violence," the board wrote.

White was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 17 years. His appeal of his convictions was rejected by Alberta's highest court.

The parole board noted that White continues to maintain his innocence.

"Your stance of innocence has prevented you from possible insight," it wrote, adding that White's case management team felt he demonstrated a "good deal of accountability and victim empathy," as best as he could.

Conditions of White's full parole include that he have no contact with Liana White's family unless they request it and that he report any changes in his current relationship with his fiancée and any new relationships with women.

Michael White was granted day parole from Beaver Creek Institution in Gravenhurst, Ont., in February 2021, which was extended several times.

He has been taking extended weekend passes at a condo with his fiancee, "with no concerns noted" and started a new job in January that allows him to work on a variety of heavy equipment, the parole board said.

White plans to remarry and to travel, the board said.

"Your fiancée is considered a positive collateral contact and aware of your offending and release conditions," it wrote. "You maintain support in the community from some friends and family."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 6, 2023. Top Stories

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