EDMONTON -- Jennie Seifeldin had her baby at the Misericordia Hospital last week, not in a delivery room, but in the parking lot.

Her husband asked a hospital staffer for help, and luck was in their favour.

“I put my gloves on and I went with the man, and there was the lady leaning her hands on the backseat of the car, and I said ‘It’s ok, I’m a midwife.’”

Vivien Overall spent 30 years in obstetrics, and is now a medication management safety team consultant with Covenant Health. She was screening for COVID-19 at the front entry of the hospital when she was approached.

“I’ve delivered babies in all sorts of positions, in the shower, on your knees, upside down, wrong way round, and so I just continued to deliver the patient, and she was a wonderful mom,” said Overall.

“Everything just kind of fell into place, I feel it all happened for a reason and we ended up being safe. He was healthy and I’m healthy,” said Seifeldin.

She said she and her husband wouldn’t have changed a thing.

“Thank you to Vivien again, and I think we’ll have a lifelong bond with here for how she helped us.”