In an effort to protect the health of youth under 18-years-old, the Government of Alberta will be banning minors from using artificial tanning services in the New Year.

Starting January 1 2018 studios will no longer be allowed to provide tanning service to anyone under 18 and will have to post health warnings and age restrictions. It will also be illegal to advertise to minors.

“Indoor tanning equipment does cause cancer, and governments all over the globe have taken action,” Kristyn Berry of the Canadian Cancer Society said Wednesday. “It's great to see that the Alberta government has finally proclaimed the Skin Cancer Prevention Act.”

The legislation passed with support from all parties in 2015 but it was never enacted. Health advocates pushed for a firm date and the province provided one Wednesday afternoon.

"We did do some additional consultation to ensure that organizations representing the businesses that would be impacted would not be suprise" said Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health.

Public health inspectors will be in charge of enforcing the law. People that break the law could receive a fine of up to $500 and business owners could be fined up to 10,000.

According to Alberta Health, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the province and U.V. radiation is the primary cause.

With files from Bill Fortier