In a marathon overnight session, Alberta MLAs spent several hours debating a long list of bills – many of them were at the legislature for more than 20 hours.

In all, six items were discussed and passed, including Bill 5 (The New Home Buyer Protection Act), Bill 7 (The Election Accountability Amendment Act), Bill 9 (Alberta Corporate Tax Amendment Act) and Bill 10 (Employment Pension Plans Act).

“There was a lot of good will on all sides,” PC MLA Ken Hughes said. “People work their way through it, everyone recognizes they have a job to do.

“We’re looking forward to hearing the views on all the proposed amendments.”

However, MLAs hit a sticking point when they reached Bill 2, the Responsible Energy Development Act.

Opposition MLAs proposed about 20 amendments to that bill.

“We have seen too many examples of this government passing sloppy legislation and having to come back a year later to fix it,” Wildrose leader Danielle Smith said.

Wildrose members said they’re prepared to push for another all-nighter Wednesday night, they’ve alleged the Progressive Conservatives are trying to end this legislative session early.