The provincial government has added an ‘X’ option on government IDs for those who do not identify as male or female.

Albertans can now choose between F, M and X on their driver’s licence, vital statistics records or ID cards – a move by the NDP government for equal human rights, inclusion and diversity, with the transgender community and those transitioning in mind.

“By introducing an 'X' marker on official documents, we are responding to concerns of the community and advancing equality for all Albertans, regardless of gender identity or expression,” Premier Rachel Notley said in a press release. “This is another step forward in making sure Alberta is a province that respects, protects and advances human rights.”

People aged 12 or older no longer need a letter from a medical professional to change the marker on their identification, although those aged 12-17 will need parent or guardian consent, the province said.

“These changes are an important step forward in making our province more inclusive and accessible for trans, intersex and gender-diverse Albertans,” Kris Wells with the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta said. “I congratulate our government on continuing to build a modern and progressive province which actively supports diversity and human rights.”

Alberta is the third province/territory to offer a third option on both driver’s licence/ID cards and birth certificates.