EDMONTON -- Some Edmonton businesses are giving their customers extra motivation to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

Fleisch Delikatessan is entering people into a draw for a $100 gift certificate if you send images proving your vaccination. The draw will happen in June.

“We wanted to do something to provide an incentive for people to get vaccinated and then also have something to look forward to, to celebrate getting vaccinated,” owner Katy Ingraham told CTV News Edmonton.

“Any incentive that is encouraging people to get vaccinated and do their part is really great!”

Woodshed Burgers is giving customers a free side order of fries or onion rings if you purchase a burger and you go in an after you’ve been vaccinated that day.

Nick Thompson, Woodshed Burgers general manager, said the offer was a way for the business to help give back to the community in a difficult time.

“It’s been a bit of an interesting year for everyone,” he said.

Thompson added that the restaurant has given the discount at its two locations to 30 people so far. They want to reach over 100 by the weekend.

“The faster we get everyone vaccinated, the faster we can get butts in seats,” he said.

The Glass Bookshop is offering an online discount code for shoppers who have been vaccinated and share a selfie online.

Northern Chicken is also giving Edmontonians a five per cent discount off their total order if you show your vaccination card on the day of your appointment.

The University of Lethbridge launched what it called the “most important contest” in it’s history where nine students can get free tuition this fall if they’ve received their COVID-19 immunization.

One of the biggest incentives to get vaccinated is happening down in Ohio, where only people who’ve been immunized can get a shot at $1 million through weekly draws.

One doctor on the Edmonton regional COVID-19 response committee thinks that is a fantastic idea that should be replicated here.

“It would be money well spent,” Dr. Noel Gibney said. “After the summer's over, you could say all individuals who have had their shot become eligible for this lottery.” 

With files from CTV News Edmonton's David Ewasuk.