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Beers and baseball: Alley Kat Brewing inks deal with Edmonton Riverhawks

Edmonton Riverhawks mascot with some Alley Kat beers (Edmonton Riverhawks) Edmonton Riverhawks mascot with some Alley Kat beers (Edmonton Riverhawks)

It'll be local craft beer only at Edmonton's biggest ballpark this summer, after the Riverhawks announced a deal Thursday with local brewing company Alley Kat.

"I like local a lot," managing director Randy Gregg said of the beer partnership and the ownership structure of the team.

"Our group is all Edmontonians. We did this, not because we wanted to make a lot of money and play professional baseball. We did this because it was good for the community."

With the announcement, RE/MAX Field became the first major sports venue in the city to offer only local craft beer, the Riverhawks said.

Gregg said the plan is to keep the prices low, the brew cold and a variety of flavours on the menu, to encourage bigger crowds this season.

"We're going to have lots of different types of beer that are not just the standard beer. And I think people are looking for that," he said.

The announcement is a win for Alley Kat and other local brewers who will collaborate to keep selection fresh, said the executive director of the Alberta Small Brewers Association

"It's supporting local jobs. It's these dollars staying in your community," Blair Berdusco told CTV News Edmonton.

"These brewers often put money back into the community through charitable acts, or collaboration beers or anything along those lines, it stays local."

First pitch for the West Coast League team is Friday in Bellingham, Wash. The Riverhawks return to RE/MAX Field for their home opener against Kamloops on June 13.

Edmonton finished 14-13 last season, it's first in the league.

The Edmonton Riverhawks and Alley Kat Brewing announced a beer partnership on June 1, 2023. (Dave Mitchell/CTV News Edmonton) Top Stories

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