A local dog owner bloodied along with her pet in a cat attack says Edmonton's rules around felines lack claws, and is calling on the city to mirror Calgary's tougher approach. 

Rose Szatylo says she was walking her dog, Borat, when the two were attacked by a cat that ran from the yard of a nearby home in northeast Edmonton. She says the cat's attack left a claw nail lodged in her dog's skin, while she was bitten and scratched on her legs and face.

"I have stitches...under my eye, then there’s cuts on my head" Szatylo told CTV News, adding that the whole incident was a blur and was over in seconds.

"I have numerous bites and scratches on my arms and bites and scratches on my legs and I had to go on antibiotics because cat bites are notorious for becoming infectious," she said.

After finding out there’s little the city can do about the injuries she suffered from the attack, she wants officials to follow the lead of a cat bylaw in Calgary. In that city, cat owners can have restrictions put on their animals if they are involved in attacks on people or other pets. Fines of up to $1,500 can be levied as well.

A park ranger for the City of Edmonton told CTV News that he couldn’t comment on Szatylo’s case while it is being investigated.

But, Acting Staff Sgt. Zain Haji told CTV News that all cat owners are required to have a licence for their pet and that attacks are rare.

"Edmonton does have a cat bylaw, it is the cat licensing bylaw," Haji said. "Cats are allowed on city property and their own property, that is the only bylaw we have."

He also confirmed that if a cat is licensed, it could have a file connected to it showing if there’s a history of attacks. 

Szytalo says she was told by an investigator that the cat involved in her case did not have a licence, but that as a result of the incident the owners will have to purchase one.

She says without a bylaw, nothing will come of the injuries she and Borat suffered.

"There’s nothing that they will do....nothing.”

CTV News made repeated visits to the home where Szatylo says the cat owner resides and we were unable to make contact.