Friends of a missing Edmonton woman are ramping up efforts to find the government scientist.

Just over a week after officials called off the search, friends armed with posters and billboards, planned stops by areas around Nordegg, where Anina Hundsdoerfer’s vehicle was found at the end of March.  

“In hope that maybe it will trigger someone’s memory or something that they saw that they don’t even remember,” Hundsdoerfer’s roommate, Caroline Hendley, explained.

It was Hendley who first reported the missing 32-year-old woman to police on March 23. She explained that she last saw Hundsdoerfer Saturday, March 22.

“On Sunday I realized it was unusual that she wasn’t there. By Sunday evening I knew that there was something wrong so I reported it.”

The missing woman’s last known location was her office near 99 Avenue and 108 Street on March 22.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers discovered Hundsdoerfer’s 2005 Toyota Echo on Tuesday, March 25 alongside Highway 734.

It is that area that friends will be targeting with posters and homemade billboards, something they say police are supporting.

“They think it is a good idea,” Liz Bartlick said.

“We are running everything by them first making sure we don’t do anything to damage the integrity of the investigation.”

Bartlick described Hundsdoerfer as sweet, warm and intelligent. She said that those who knew her were struggling to understand what happened.

“We are already dealing with very difficult feelings and emotions about her disappearance. We still don’t know what happened. We are dealing with that but we are trying to be with that as best we can.”

“We have probably a couple hundred friends and work colleagues who are all doing what they can and pitching in what they can in this effort to find her,” Hendley said.

Hundsdoerfer’s friends told CTV News that her wallet and cell phone were found at her office.

Police called off the search for Hundsdoerfer on March 28. She has been described as:      

  •             Caucasian
  •             About 175 cm (5’9’) tall
  •             About 72.5 kg (160 lbs)
  •             Brown, shoulder-length hair
  •             Blue eyes.

She may be wearing a burgundy, long winter coat, dark form-fitting pants and glasses.

Anyone with information has been asked to contact police, 780-423-4567 or #377 on a mobile phone.

No one from RCMP or Edmonton Police Service responded to CTV’s request for an update on the search.

A website, Searching for Anina, has been dedicated to helping find the missing women. 

With files from Sarah Richter