EDMONTON -- Vodka made out of milk is making a moo-ve to Alberta.

Dairy Distillery, an Ontario company that makes Vodka from milk sugar left over from dairy production, is bringing its "Vodkow" to Alberta.

"In this waste, I saw an opportunity to make delicious, world-class spirits with the potential to support hard working dairy farmers and the environment,” Dairy Distillery Founder and CEO Omid McDonald said.

According to the distillery, large processors remove cream from milk to make butter and the proteins needed for cheese and yogurt, and when ultrafiltered milk is made, a liquid called "milk permeate" is removed and dumped.

With help from the University of Ottawa, Dairy Distillery is taking that milk permeate and transforming it into lactose and sugar-free vodka.

Vodkow is available at Wine and Beyond stores across Alberta for $36.99.