Islamophobia is becoming graphic in Edmonton.

The Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council said that for the third time in October, a neighbourhood with a large Muslim presence received offensive posters against their religion.

Millwoods and Calder were the first two neighbourhoods targeted with racists posters. This weekend, the Evansdale neighbourhood in northeast Edmonton received a flyer that is too explicit to show.

“This is talking about pedophilia and encouraging rape of children and baby,” a woman who wants to remain nameless in fear of retribution told CTV Edmonton. “Nothing in our religion says to do this.”

CTV Edmonton contacted Edmonton police to find out more about their investigation and whether criminal charges could be laid, but no one was available to comment on the request.

“We call upon City Council, we call upon EPS to treat this like a priority because right now the threat is right at our door step,” Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council spokesperson Augrangzeb Qureshi told CTV Edmonton. “Legitimate action where we can bring this to an end and identify who the people are and obviously bring them to justice, because this hate propaganda has no place in this city.”

With files from Angela Jung