EDMONTON -- After a challenging year, the Edmonton Public Library is looking to fill 150 part-time and full-time positions.

Tina Thomas, executive director of customer experience at the EPL, says the library is looking for new employees to fill the job positions after workers were laid off or left their positions to seek other employment.

“One hundred and fifty positions is a lot of positions to fill. We’re excited about that because it will really give us the opportunity to provide full service to the public again when we open all hours,” said Thomas.

Libraries across Edmonton are looking to hire assistants in 21 locations. The qualification for the positon is an undergraduate degree.

Thomas refers to library assistants as the “superheros” of the library. Their duties include: signing people up for memberships, delivering classes, taking on speaker events, helping with book club and assisting with technology training, said the executive director.

In order to qualify for the library page positon, a high school diploma is needed. There is a student page positon recruiting youth ages 15 to 17.

Nearly half of the positions available are catered to high school students looking for their first job experience, said Thomas.

Libraries across the city look forward to bringing the community back together after being closed for “65 per cent of the year between March and June.”

The opening of the new Stanley A. Millner Library in Sir. Winston Churchill Square means there are plenty of positons to fill after recruitment was put on hold.

“There is lots of opportunity at all levels for people,” she said.