EDMONTON -- Turquaz Kebab House has been firing up the charcoal grill for the past few years in Skyview Power Centre on 137 Avenue.

They’ve built a loyal following thanks to the food AND their care for customers. The restaurant features prayer rooms, a wudu room for washing prior to eating, a children’s area and other unique features.

I had a chance to try out several of the restaurant’s offerings and the flavours were spectacular. I’m a fan of throwing hot sauce on everything but there is NO need to add anything to this food.

Owner Mehmet says the key is the charcoal grill and his secret seasonings.

You cannot go wrong with the kebabs. The beef kafta (ground beef, parsley, onions and spices) was worth coming back for over and over.

However, the Classen recommendation is the chicken wings. Stay with me here. I know you’re not going to a Turkish-Lebanese restaurant thinking chicken wings.

But I’ve never had chicken wings done this way and with this flavor. I can’t even describe them, you just have to try.

Actually, you can try everything on the menu without worrying about whether or not you’ll enjoy it.

Turquaz has a guarantee that if you try something and don’t like it, send it back and they’ll bring you something else off the menu.

So, feel free to get adventurous (and don’t expect to send anything back).