EDMONTON -- The province plans to soon make public a list of pharmacies that offer COVID-19 testing, although officials are warning they’re not meant to replace assessment centres.

In a new conference Monday, the chief medical officer of health said testing already happening at pharmacies was a pilot to work out the facilities’ capabilities, protocols, and communication with Alberta Health Services.

"We wanted to make sure that those particular locations didn't get overwhelmed with demand as they were working out those early processes," Dr. Deena Hinshaw explained.

"So we are looking now at having a process where those pharmacies that have been participating in, and any more that come online, can be listed."

The province began to offer asymptomatic testing at about 20 community pharmacies in Edmonton and Calgary at the end of June.

The locations were not disclosed.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro said it had been important to ensure their capabilities weren’t maxed during the pilot.

"These pharmacies are not a replacement for the assessment centers and the work that's being done there – this is a pilot program to see if it's going to work in the future," he commented.

"We would encourage folks if they are looking for tests, make sure you're going to the assessment centers or reaching out to AHS to be getting one done through one of their assessment centers or otherwise.”