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NDP leader Rachel Notley hits two last campaign stops on the way home for election day

After spending some time in Calgary over the weekend, NDP leader Rachel Notley wrapped up her campaign today with two rallies on the way home to Edmonton ahead of election day.

Notley focused on pushing home some of her key campaign promises for health care and education, while calling out UCP leader Danielle Smith for being "unreliable."

The first stop was Red Deer.

“This is a historic election in Alberta and the decisions that Albertans make tomorrow are going to have huge, huge implications for our province's future and I am confident!” Notely told the crowd.

Despite the latest polling data showing a slight edge to the UCP, Notley and her supporters were optimistic.

“I’m feeling more confident than I ever have," said Red Deer resident Grace Page. "I’ve talked to lots of people that have said they’ve never voted NDP before, but this election it just seems like such an obvious choice to them as well.”

Another NDP supporter, Kayley Holmes, said she's feeling nervous about Monday's results.

“I have incredible anxiety about it just because I feel like so much is hanging in the balance in regards to what the outcome is going to be. I have never hoped for anything so hard in life,” Holmes said.

Being a teacher in Red Deer, Holmes said Notley has been her only choice from day one.

“Obviously I’m worried about things like class size, school funding, EA’s and the curriculum, certainly in terms of social studies," she added. "We need a modernized progressive curriculum.”

Further up the QEII for her last campaign stop, Notley spoke to a packed room at the Polish Hall Banquet and Conference Centre near Kingsway Garden Mall.

“You’re concerned about the cost of living and the state of public health care, well me too. You want more jobs and a more resilient economy with no income tax increases and no sales tax, well me too,” she told the crowd.

Turning up the heat, the NDP leader also took the opportunity to call out Premier Danielle Smith several times.

“She’s all over the map," Notley said. "You never know what she’s going to say next.

"Her staff have had to reign her in so much they may as well have stuck her inside the Talus balls.”

UCP leader Danielle Smith ended her campaign with a rally in Calgary on Thursday. She did not make herself available to reporters on Sunday.

Polls open on election day at 9 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

More information on voting in Alberta can be found on the Elections Alberta website.

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