EDMONTON -- A band that's new to Edmonton streets—literally—can be moved but not stopped.

A video of a street performance by the Brasstactics being interrupted has garnered some 1,500 views since being posted at the end of last month.

The six-piece group was filming a cover of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" on Jasper Avenue on Nov. 22 when security asked them to leave.

"We took it astride and we ended up going down the street and still playing. We didn't stop," sousaphone player Matt Laird told CTV News Edmonton.

Trombonist Nicholas Froman added: "We were like, 'Well, there's no sense arguing. We can move our stage.'"

Laird says that's one of the group's unique features.

"We're ready to play anywhere. Anytime. Wherever. We're totally mobile. We've got no plugins necessary."

So, in addition to their regular schedule of weddings, Christmas parties, funeral marches and local shows, the Brasstactics have taken their sound to the city's streets.

"Those are our tactics. Our brass tactics," Laird laughed.

"We bring the demo to you guys," Froman joked.

The demo, the band boasts, includes everything from the Spice Girls to Dr. Dre—and all in a style that's more familiar to New Orleans than northern Alberta.

The Edmonton musicians recognize the Nov. 22 video likely got as many views as it did because of that, as well as the fact the band only officially formed in June.

"I think it's new and fresh here. And what we're trying to do is bring the brass band culture to Edmonton and show 'em what we've got here," Laird told CTV News Edmonton.

"I played tuba in high school and I thought, you know what, that's the rest of my career. But here I am getting kicked out of the stage at 35 years old.

"Dreams do come true."

With a report from CTV News Edmonton's Graham Neil