In a city where available rinks were already scarce, one has been closed for nearly one year for renovations, while it was supposed to open later this year, it’s not, and some are not impressed.

The Clareview Arena closed for renovations in May, 2012.

The arena stands alongside where a new $100 million recreation centre, school and library will be built – the facility is set to open in early 2014 – the neighbouring arena was originally set to open before the new facility.

However, officials said after consulting with community groups, they will open Clareview Arena and the rec centre at the same time.

Hockey clubs in Edmonton have played through nearly one season without the two ice rinks at Clareview Arena in the mix – but it’s not an easy task as there isn’t much available ice time – it’s an issue the city understands.

“We’re fortunate we opened up the new Terwillegar Rec Centre with four sheets of ice before we took this one out of service, so we went up by four, and lost the two here,” Roger Jevne, Director of Parks and Facilities said.

Hockey team officials said despite the added rinks at Terwillegar, they haven’t seen an improvement – and it’s translated to extra work for parents of younger players.

“It just means the younger kids have to travel further, like the Bantam kids who can’t drive by themselves, so it just means the parents having to do extra work,” Laurence Jacobs with the Maple Leaf Athletic Club said.

Officials said the rate they have to pay for ice time has gone up because of the shortage of rinks - they're paying about $50 more per hour this season, compared to last year's rates.

With files from Laura Tupper