After meeting with Alberta’s future doctors, who raised concerns about tobacco products available to the province’s youth, the provincial government is planning to introduce legislation to curb teenagers smoking in the province.

Health Minister Fred Horne, along with Associate Minister of Wellness Dave Rodney, and Dr. James Talbot, the Chief Medical Officer of Health with AHS, announced new tobacco laws meant to protect Alberta’s Children and Youth.

Horne outlined the legislation in Bill 206 that will prevent the sale of flavoured tobacco products, and limit the amount of products.

Anti-smoking legislation also includes a ban on smoking in vehicles with children inside – which is the Tobacco Reduction Amendment Act or Bill 33; in addition, herbal tobacco-free water pipes are also banned under the legislation.

That particular ban wouldn’t take effect for at least a year.

However, other parts of Bill 33 and 206 could take effect soon if the legislation is passed during the current sitting.

“It’s a good day because with the combined effect of the two bills, there will be fewer Albertans exposed to cancer-causing substances, and that’s going to pay off in less disease and less cancer in the future,” Dr. Talbot said.

Currently, stores are not allowed to sell tobacco products to youth under federal legislation.

With files from Susan Amerongen