Tearing down a compost facility that's been closed since the spring could cost as much as $12 million according, to a City of Edmonton report.

The facility was closed permanently in the spring with the city citing “changes to structural issues.”

The city report calls for dismantling to start in November with the goal of having the aeration hall and south download buildings torn down by summer.

"We have a building that is no longer functional and needs to be decommissioned," said Ward 5 Coun. Sarah Hamilton.

"I think we learned a very difficult lesson here about managing our infrastructure, about how we do quality assurance on new builds and it’s been a tough lesson for this council and this committee.”

The report cites labour, machinery and recycling costs during the demolition.

It will be presented to the utility committee on Sept. 27. If the report is approved, it will be forwarded to council for a final decision.