EDMONTON -- Alberta Health Services has issued a warning after a blue-green algae bloom was discovered in Hawrelak Park Lake.

Parkgoers are advised to avoid all contact with the blue-green algae.

While swimming is not allowed in Hawrelak Park Lake on a normal day, in a news release AHS said that if you do choose to swim while the blue-green algae is in bloom, it could result in health issues.

If you come into contact with, or ingest the algae, you may experience skin irritation, sore throat, sore red eyes, swollen lips, fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. 

Symptoms may appear within one to three hours and usually clear up within a couple of days.

AHS says if contact occurs with the algae you should wash it off with tap water as soon as possible.

If animals are exposed to blue-green algae the results can be fatal. 

Blue-green algae occurs naturally and looks like scum or fuzzy globs on the water’s surface.

Blue Green algae