EDMONTON -- A fashion model and aspiring lawyer from Edmonton was spotted in Drake’s latest music video “What’s Next.”

While Edmontonians might know her as Ardrianna Mairs, the 26-year-old is known as Annalesia in the modelling industry.

“I did make the switch to Annalesia, which I guess you could say is my alter ego when it comes to modelling,” she said.

Mairs moved to Edmonton at the age of 10 from Jamaica and completed her undergrad at the University of Alberta.

On Tuesday, she told CTV Morning Live Edmonton modelling helps pay for her law career. The second name helps keep her two lives separate.

“I feel that I don't want that when I'm in law school, people will be like, 'You're that girl from this,'” Mairs said. “I kind of want to have it as a separate life and modelling as a separate life.”

“I don't want modelling to define everything about me.”


Mairs has lived in The Six for about two years and during her interview with CML, she reflected on the struggles she faced while modelling in Alberta.

“It was quite difficult actually being a black model,” she explained.

"There were often times when I would show up to set and hair and make up artists were never equipped to work with my skin colour or my hair texture. It created a lot of anxiety for me.”

Mairs went on to describe an experience in Vancouver that she said shook her to her core while shooting for a campaign.

“I was in tears on set because the make up artist flat out told me, 'I'm sorry, but we don't have your colour foundation. We're going to have to send someone to the store to get that for you.'

"It makes you think there's something wrong with you,” she said.

She said there has been a noticeable shift in the modelling industry since the Black Lives Movement.

“BLM had its Me Too moment where make up artists were required to show up on set having the proper tools to be equipped to work with all different hair types and skin types,” she said.


Mairs was on her way out for a run when she received a call from her agent that she was going to be in a music video. The agent didn't know whose.

She recalled her agent saying: "I have no details about it but they're sending a nurse to your house in three hours, just be home."

The morning of the shoot, Mairs woke up to an email that said she would be a part of Drake’s new music video, “What’s Next.”

"I was literally gasping for air,” she said.

“But it got even better because on my way to my first stop, my agent texted me, 'Hi, I just want to let you know that it's at Drake's house.' I literally fainted. I couldn't believe it."

Mairs describes Drakes homes as impeccable. It’s even been featured in the Architectural Digest Magazine.

“The guest bedroom that we were staying in, it was triple the size of my Toronto apartment,” she laughed. “And I mean, his bathrooms, they're immaculate. They have their own waiting room, basically."

"And I used two of his bathrooms, so hey, I've got some bragging rights there."