The frigid February of 2018 continues.

Edmonton DID manage to get to -5 on Saturday.  But, that's the only day with a high above -10 this month.

AND...we're starting Monday with Extreme Cold Warnings in effect for areas JUST south of the city.


So...we have an avg high of -13 through the first 11 days of the month.

When's the last time it was THIS cold start the month?


Turns wasn't that long ago.

Last year was close.  Edmonton had an avg high of -12 for the first 10 days of Feb. (Then, highs above zero for the next 11 days.)

In 2014: avg high of -14 for the first 11 days of Feb.


Will it warm up soon?  Yes.  But, not for long.


Temperatures will climb back to the -10 range in Edmonton this afternoon (wind chill in the -15 to -20 range)

It'll continue to warm up overnight and we'll be above by a few degrees on Tuesday.

By Wednesday, colder air drops back in.  



Snow is expected to spread across Northern Alberta on Tuesday with a risk of some freezing rain just ahead of that snow in the Peace Country.

Edmonton and area may get some flurries Tuesday evening.




Here's the Edmonton forecast:

Today - Mainly sunny.  Breezy (wind: SW 10-20)

5pm:  -9   (wind chill near -16)


Evening - Increasing cloud.

9pm:  -6   (wind chill near -12)



Tuesday - Mostly cloudy.  30% chance of a few flurries in the evening.

Morning:  -2

Afternoon High:  3



Wednesday - Mostly cloudy.  Temperature falling.

Morning:  -6

Afternoon:  -15



Thursday - Partly cloudy.

Morning Low:  -20

Afternoon High:  -10



Friday - Mostly cloudy.  40% chance of flurries or light snow. 

Morning Low:  -13

Afternoon High:  1



Saturday - Mostly cloudy.  40% chance of flurries or light snow.

Morning Low:  -10

Afternoon High:  -8​