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David Ewasuk

CTV News Edmonton

David owes this job, especially the part where he reports on crime and the justice system, a huge debt.

"It's pretty certain I wouldn't have met my wife," he says. "She was testifying in a criminal case that I just happened to be covering."

Since 1998, David has primarily reported from crime scenes and outside the court house. But he's still passionate and still learning something new about reporting even after all these years.

Social media has changed the way news is reported, but along with the newfound speed of, and desire for, updated information, David says there's never been more pressure to get it right and still be able to get it first.

While David has received numerous awards over the course of his time at CTV Edmonton, the most rewarding aspect for him is bringing a story to viewers and followers that no one else has. Having information no one else knows, has never been more valuable, he believes.

"Those stories are the ones that get an instant reaction, and from it, different points of view, and ideas, come back to me.It's pretty cool to send news out and have new Ideas bounce back as a result," David says.

Working at CTV has let him fly with the Snowbirds and in a fighter jet and more than a few helicopters. It's allowed him to see parts of the world and experience cultures He otherwise wouldn't have. But most importantly, it's let him pursue his curiosity for finding answers and telling stories right here in his hometown.