EDMONTON -- Mosquitoes were out in full force this weekend, with the City of Edmonton saying numbers are up and likely to get worse.

"We did get a lot of precipitation in the beginning part of May," said Mike Jenkins, the city's pest management coordinator. "We are now seeing the result of that.

And with more rain Sunday, Jenkins predicts another increase in the coming days.

"Precipitation is the main driver of mosquito development in the Edmonton area, so the more rain we get, the more mosquitoes."

It had been relatively calm until then.

"The early program was pretty successful in keeping the numbers down," Jenkins said.

The city's pest experts will now target ditches, ponds and other areas of standing water to mitigate mosquito growth.

Some Edmontonians CTV News spoke with say they're ready to battle them with bug spray and slaps, others know it's inevitable they'll get bitten, but all hope they go away as soon as possible.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Bill Fortier