A Sherwood Park mother wants to get the word out to parents about a dangerous game their kids could be playing; this after her son landed in hospital after playing a variation of the choking game.

Teresa Glowatsky says it was the last day of class when she got a call from her son's school. She'd been told her son hit his head while playing basketball and seemed disoriented.

"It got in my car, drove to the school, took one look at my son and said call an ambulance," said Glowatsky.

Her Jagger son was rushed to hospital, where doctors asked if he had passed out, prior to hitting his head. The school principal later told her kids at the school had been playing something similar to the choking game.

"Jagger wouldn't choke himself, maybe someone would choke him," said Glowatsky. "So I went and confronted Jagger and he said mom it's not like that there is a new version, you don't choke yourself."

Jagger says he and his friends don't have a name for the actual activity, but says it involves heavy breathing.

"You hyperventilate…and then once you start to dizzy…it will seem like you kind of need glasses or something then you stand up and put your thumb in your mouth and you are blowing, but without letting air out," said Jagger.

What Jagger says you experience next is a few moments of lightheadedness.

A group called Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play estimates seven Albertans have died from the choking game, which involves cutting off the flow of blood to the head via choking.

Experts say it is often the brightest kids who take part in the dangerous game.

"Choking's the drug-free way to get a rush and so even high achieving students, students that don't want to take drugs, this is a way to get that rush," said Dr. Gloria Lawrence a psychology professor with the Wayne State College in Nebraska.

Teresa Glowatsky has created a Facebook group about her son's brush with danger to alert parents about what their kids might be doing. She hopes parents will talk to their kids about how dangerous the choking game, and games similar to it, can be.

"They are good kids that are doing it, they don't know there is a danger and I think parents aren't going to think their kids are doing it," said Glowatsky.

For more information about the choking game click here to visit the Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play website.