EDMONTON -- A second-degree murder charge filed against a man following the death of an infant has been stayed.

Darren Gagnon was the subject of a Canada-wide warrant in connection to the 2016 death of a six-month-old boy. Gagnon was arrested and charged in February of 2019.​

He pleaded not guilty and the charge against him was stayed on March 23, 2021, according to the province.

A spokesperson says the decision to stay the charge came after "the decision of the court regarding crucial evidence."

"A careful and thorough review of this matter was conducted, including a review of the court decision for possible appeal. However, this review of this case determined the case no longer met the prosecution standards," the statement reads.

"As there was no longer a reasonable likelihood of conviction, a stay of the charge was entered."

Emergency crews were called to an Edmonton home on July 5, 2016.

The mother of the child reported that she had left her infant son with a family friend while she went to work.

When the mother arrived home, she reported that her baby appeared to be in medical distress, so she called 911.

Paramedics took the baby to hospital where he died two days later from injuries consistent with head trauma, according to police.

A stay of proceedings means the charges are no longer prosecuted and the issue of guilt is not determined.

Prosecutors have one year from the date of the stay to bring back charges for further hearings.