If mushrooms are sprouting on your lawn in the next few days, you'll have Edmonton's so-far soggy summer to thank. 

The city has yet to record a temperature above 25 C since June 17, a stretch of 23 days and the longest such cool spell since 1997.

The mix of recent rain, cool temperatures and overcast skies has created ideal conditions for fungi.

"When the mushrooms come up, I just say enjoy ‘em," says Jim Hole of Hole's Greenhouses. 

Hole says your options are limited if you're looking to keep your lawn clear of mushrooms. 

"You can't do anything about them," he said, warning the conditions are also ripe for slugs. 

Others, including Chris Senger with lawn maintenance company Mow Town, aren't so pessimistic. 

Senger says pouring a solution of two table spoons of dish soap mixed into two gallons of hot water can stunt their growth. He also says bagging up grass clippings is a good idea as well. 

"That way you're pulling the spore off the lawn, not re-depositing them on the lawn."