The Muttart Conservatory is speeding up plans to replace glass panes on its greenhouse after a hail storm caused significant damage more than a week ago.

A hail storm on Aug. 23 broke hundreds of the greenhouse’s glass panes.

“Our contractors have come in to look at it and initial estimates were around 400 panes and now we’re up to 900 panes of glass, so it is quite significant the hail damage that the greenhouse did incur,” said Heather Seutter, director of the Muttart Conservatory.

Seutter says the pyramids did not get damaged in the storm.

The pyramids had been replaced a number of years ago to a tempered, tougher glass.  

The greenhouse glass had been slated to be replaced with tempered glass in the fall.

Since the hail storm, the glass replacement has moved ahead of schedule.

“Our contractors are here. They’ve been here since the hail event and they have been replacing the glass and taking all the loose and damaged glass away and replacing it with the new tempered glass,” Seutter said.

No one in the greenhouse was injured in the storm; however some plants were damaged due to loose and falling glass.

Seutter says damage to the greenhouse is pegged about $150,000, which is being claimed through insurance.

The Muttart’s greenhouse grows plants that are often used at city parks and in public places. A number of crops are also grown to be featured within the Muttart’s pyramids.

The Muttart Conservatory has been in operation for 36 years.