Activists with Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Keepers of the Athabasca and Occupy Edmonton have united to call on governments to address climate change.

The group held a rally at the legislature Saturday afternoon, a day they have named Occupy the Climate.

MLA for Edmonton-Strathcona Rachel Notley told those in attendance she supported their call for action.

"Government has to play a role," she added.

"I think we have to start making the hard decisions."

Notley said the heart of the matter was equity.

"Whether we are talking about equity between generations, equity between global communities or locally," she explained.

Participant, Mike Hudema said they were calling on governments to take action to save the future.

"It really is an issue that's pushing the planet to the brink but is also displacing communities all over this world."

Hudema said the future was with green jobs.

"Luckily most of those jobs require the exact same skills that people employed in the energy sector today have."

Hudema also said the Occupy movement in Edmonton was still alive.

"We are going to continue to meet and try to push for a world that actually works for people," he said.

"So we're going to see flash occupations to highlight different instances of injustice.

"This movement is going to continue until we get the world that we need."

Similar demonstrations calling for action on climate change were held around the world.

The presentations were set to coincide with the United Nations Climate Talks taking place in South Africa until Dec. 11.