EDMONTON – Alberta opposition leader Rachel Notley addressed NDP members at a bi-annual council in Edmonton Saturday.

Notley railed on Premier Jason Kenney about his recently released provincial budget, saying he broke many of the promises he campaigned on.

"They are cutting teachers, cutting support and cutting classroom resources," said Notley. "He’s taking money away from the most vulnerable Albertans."

Notley went on to call the budget mean-spirited, and a betrayal on promises made by Premier Kenney.

“We’ll pay more for insurance, vehicle registration, power prices, school fees and  property taxes," she continued. “And that’s just the start.”

Commenting on Kenney’s fight on equalization, Notley called it a distraction.

"This is irresponsible. But it’s also cynical and it’s calculated. It’s designed to distract," she continued. "He’s [Kenney] like an amateur magician at an office Christmas party."