EDMONTON -- Police responded to nearly 4,000 residential break-ins in Edmonton last year, which breaks down to about nine incidents each day. Now they’re sharing tips on how you can protect your home.

Thieves will monitor neighbourhoods and strike when residents appear to be away.

"We’ve encountered homeowners who have lost approximately $70,000 worth of property," says Const. Carly Perreaux with the Edmonton Police Service West Division. "Stolen items such as jewelry, electronics, art, family heirlooms and personal financial documents can add up quickly."

Police have provided the following tips to help protect your home from a break-and-enter:

  • Have someone come by to shovel your walk and collect any mail. In the summer, make sure lawns are mowed, and leaves are raked.
  • Use timers on your inside lamps where the light can be seen from outside.
  • Set TVs or radios to play, to give the impression that people are home
  • Ask a neighbour to park in your driveway or assigned parking space
  • Don’t announce on social media or your voicemail that you’re on vacation
  • Always lock doors and windows

They also suggest getting to know your neighbours and looking out for them.

"If you see something suspicious and you know your neighbours are out of town, definitely call it in," said Perreaux.

And if your home or garage has been burglarized, police say it’s important to report it every time.

"Regardless of how minor your break-and-enter may seem, always report it,” says Perreaux. "Reporting helps us to track and monitor crime trends and contributes to proactively preventing others from being victimized."