Boaters in Edmonton now have four new docks at their disposal.

The docks are located at Whitemud Park, Laurier/Buena Vista Park, Dawson Park, Hawrelak Park, Capilano Park with a future site to be located at Emily Murphy Park.

The Whitemud, Laurier and the future Emily Murphy docks also include hand launch, and the Capilano dock has a hand launch and upgrade to the existing vehicle launch.

“This $2.6 million project provides more opportunities for people to safely access the water in more locations along the river,” said Andrew Kwan, Acting Director of Open Spaces Infrastructure Delivery with the City of Edmonton in a written release. “With the addition of these five locations, the city will have nine hand launches, seven docks and two motorized boat launches ready for use.”

An additional dock had been proposed for Rossdale, but experts couldn't conduct an environmental impact study due to bridge construction, and the dock was put on hold.

Funding for the project came from the River Valley Alliance, and all three levels of government.