Movie-lovers can expect several changes under Alberta's film and video classification act.

At any theatre it's easy to find movies that children wouldn't get into without an adult, but new provincial rules mean even parents can't take their kids under 14 years of age to a film rated 18A.

And this rule is not fairing well among some parents.

"I believe that should be the parents' decision for sure, we should be responsible enough to decide what movies our kids can go to," said Carrie Carpenter.

Another change will mean an executive director will be hired to oversee provincial film rating and inspectors will ensure they are being followed.

Alberta's culture minister said the bill is meant to ensure parents know what their kids are watching.

"Parents came to us and said, "You know what? does a 12-year-old have to be in a movie theatre for an 18A rated movie?" We think not," said Blackett.

The bill also applies to movie rentals, every movie must be rated or it can't be rented out.

One local movie retailer said many international films and documentaries aren't rated and they would be hate to see them go.

"Because it's unrated that's something we wouldn't be able to rent," said Maylene Loveland with The Movie Studio.

Minister Blackett told CTV News that the rules will be fine tuned through consultation with the industry and parent groups over the summer before they're released in the big and small screen.

With files from CTV's Bill Fortier