EDMONTON -- Throughout the NHL's return to play, the league and players have made numerous statements against racism.

Most notably, Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba gave an impassioned speech Saturday before the Oilers first game. He then took a knee for the American national anthem.

According to a local black advocate and long-time hockey fan, it was the most profound anti-racism statement he's ever seen from the league.

"It seems like now is the time for people to use their platforms, especially athletes, to speak up about and speak out about what's happening in the communities,” said Andrew Parker of the Alberta Black Teacher’s Association. “And with the NHL providing their full support, I see nothing but good things happening, not only for the NHL but sports in general".

Before Dumba's first game on Sunday night against the Canucks, he raised his first during both national anthems. He was the only player to do so.