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'No one's happy': Multiple construction projects create headaches for Edmonton drivers


Construction work on the Yellowhead started in 2019, but the pylons are still up in 2024.

Some parts of the project won't be completed until 2027.

It was always meant to be a long-term project, but these days, drivers looking to detour around the construction will likely encounter delays somewhere else on their routes.

Multiple major infrastructure projects are underway in Edmonton right now.

While the goal is to improve traffic flow in the long term, it can feel like the whole city is a construction zone.

Terwillegar Drive is the focus of the work in Ward pihêsiwin Coun. Tim Cartmell's ward.

The interchange with Terwillegar Drive and the Whitemud, as well as the widening of the Rainbow Valley Bridge, has been slowing drivers down for years.

Whitemud Drive construction on July 8, 2024. (Jeremy Thompson/CTV News Edmonton)

"We know it's this year and all next year, and hopefully, we're more or less done there," he told CTV News Edmonton on Monday.

"No one's happy when you're kind of rammed in and jammed up, but they can see that there's a horizon here, and that's helpful."

In the west end, Valley Line West LRT construction is causing headaches for drivers.

Cartmell believes builder Marigold Infrastructure Partners isn't doing drivers any favours with its "all-at-once" approach.

"The contractor there took areas of road that they're not working on. They should have waited, they did not sequence that work very well, and that's adding to frustration," he said.

"People will tolerate and put up with a little congestion when they can see that it's going to get better here in a year or two. It's another thing when they're fighting congestion and can't get where they're going. And they see no action, that is just intolerable and, quite frankly, unacceptable."

Like the Yellowhead, the Valley Line West still has years of work ahead, but Cartmell is hoping drivers will be patient.

"The worst will be this summer, next summer, and then from there, it just gets better and better and better."

In the meantime, drivers are asked to give themselves extra time and to obey all traffic signs and speed limits.

The city has a map of traffic disruptions on its website. Top Stories

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