There are fears personal information for thousands could have been compromised in a computer hack at a municipality in northern Alberta.

According to a post on the Municipal District of Opportunity Number 17’s Facebook page, officials are concerned there may have been a computer hack – and someone may have gained access to sensitive information such as social insurance numbers and bank account information.

It’s estimated about 3,400 people live in the seven hamlets that make up the municipality - the community is now completely unplugged.

“Our payroll system is our biggest worry because all our employees personal information, of course all our rate payers, so anyone who owns a utility account everybody we buy things and sell things too, so our vendors potentially,” Deborah Juch, Manager of Legislative Services for the municipality said.

“We do know yet what, if anything, was accessed of that information.”

RCMP and the Privacy Commissioner are investigating the breach.

Any residents concerned their information was compromised should contact the municipality.