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'Not your average Christmas market': Punk-themed flea market showcases Edmonton artists and vendors


The Punk Rock Flea Market opened its doors to the misfits of Edmonton on Sunday, proving that punk’s not dead in the capital city.

The all-ages event was held at the Steele Heights Community League where more than 40 vendors were putting their punk-themed twist on everyday items including t-shirts, hand-made jewelry, candles, knitting and decor – and in typical punk fashion, with no cover charge needed.

This year also featured food trucks, free parking and punk rock bingo for the first 50 attendees with prizes such as gift cards for tattoo shops and restaurants as well as tickets to Edmonton's pro-wrestling league and a NOFX concert.

Jason Pultz, organizer of the Punk Rock Flea Market, told CTV News Edmonton what customers can expect at the off-beat market.

"It's not your average Christmas market or your grandma's Christmas market," said Pultz. "We're doing 'misfit vendors' – weird and wacky stuff. Anywhere these artists can't fit in, we'll take them."

The previous market organizer’s husband was enrolled to the military and with that added stress, Pultz decided the best thing for the market was to take the reins as the new organizer.

"We helped out with the last market and the last organizer was sort of leaving it off to us," said Pultz. "So whatever it took to not let it shut down – we stepped up and now we're organizing it."

"It's just about being open, expressing yourself and being an artist. We're super excited to just be putting on events like this and helping artists get paid."

With all of the promotion that went into the event, Pultz admits that he was surprised by the turnout of the Punk Rock Flea Market due to the vendors taking upon themselves to bring out their regular customers.

Even though the one-day event has already closed up shop, the Punk Rock Flea Market will return to the Steele Heights Community League on Sept. 15 and Nov. 24.

For more information on the Punk Rock Flea Market or to become a vendor, visit its website. Top Stories

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