EDMONTON -- A porch pirate didn't even make it to the street with her loot before being arrested by police on Friday.  

Jayson Crang's Ring doorbell caught the entire scene in Edmonton, Alta., on camera. It's barely a minute long.

A woman crosses Crang's snow-covered lawn to his doorstep, pauses, bends down to pick up a parcel sitting there, and leaves via the path to his house.

But before she sets foot on the street, three unmarked police vehicles pull up behind her.

"Police. Put your hands up. Right now," ununiformed officers identify themselves on the video. "Get down on the ground."

Crang – a victim of four or five doorstep thefts by then – was at work when he received a notification someone was at his door. He called seeing the arrest happen in real time "satisfying."

"It was one of my better videos, that's for sure."


Most of the other packages Crang has had stolen were small and replaced by Amazon – except for one time when thieves brought back a dolley to wheel off his mattress and bedding.

A neighbour chased that porch pirate down.

"I got a call on my doorbell and I answered and it was a gentleman saying he was bringing my stuff back. Which I didn't know what that meant. Delivering? He said, 'No, I'm returning it,'" Crang laughed.

"He acts like a 12-year-old kid being told to apologize."

The video of the Feb. 21 arrest has received a rallying response where it is posted online.

Comments on Crang's social media read: "This. Is. Amazing." "You just love to see this." "Ya boy!!! Finally one for the good guys." "Omg amazing!! We've had a couple stolen too."

Crang, an Australian who's also lived in B.C., said he thought it was due to his own luck – and the Bonnie Doon neighbourhood – that he had fallen victim so many times in Edmonton.

"I didn't realize it was as widespread as it is…

"So I think it's pretty solid of (Edmonton Police Service) that they're actually doing something about it."


A 32-year-old woman was arrested on Feb. 21 in Bonnie Doon without any issue, EPS told CTV News Edmonton.

The force only said police members were in the area of 87 Street and 83 Avenue at the time of the theft.

Merissa Maurice faces several charges related to theft and possession of stolen property and drugs.