Premier Rachel Notley has denied the bullying allegations made by now independent MLA Robyn Luff.

Luff was kicked out of the NDP caucus on Monday after she cited “a culture of fear and administration” within the party.

“It’s just a feeling that you have that anything you do you could be punished for,” she said on Alberta Primetime Thursday.

Notley denied Luff’s allegations.

“We’ve since determined, through her conversations in public, that there really is no foundation to them,” the premier said.

“In our caucus, we do have policies around harassment, bullying, and we have internal processes for that, and they have not been accessed by that member.”  

Luff said when she tried to speak up, she was told multiple times that she needed to “suck it up.”

Karen McPherson, former NDP backbencher and now MLA for Calgary-MacKay-Nose Hill, contacted Luff to support her.

“A lot of what she had to say, I experienced similar things.”

McPherson joined the Alberta Party, but Luff said she will remain an independent MLA and leave politics next year.

With files from Timm Bruch